Note: all cosplay photos are used with the cosplayer's knowledge and agreement, any photos taken by commission are not posted without consent or knowledge of said cosplayer, though I hold legal ownership of the images and edits.  A Flickr account will be compiled of all my shoots soon, but not without knowledge and consent by the parties involved.  

Dangan Ronpa 3, Katsucon, 2017

Dangan Ronpa 3, Katsucon, 2017

Dangan Ronpa V3, 2018

Ping Pong The Animation, Animenext, 2016

Tekkonkinkreet , Animenext, New Jersey (2017)    

Tekkonkinkreet, Animenext, New Jersey (2017)


I currently do cosplay photoshoots at most east coast conventions, or by appointment only. I do travel for individual shoots on the east coast and specifically for New Jersey. For more details such as pricing, scheduling, or a convention schedule please use the contact form or Direct Message me over Twitter!