About Siobhan Donaldson

Siobhan Donaldson is an artist from New Jersey, born in 1995 and raised on The Internet, they have a style and aesthetic for the personal, emotional, and existential crisis. Utilizing both digital and film photography they are able to give intimate looks into their life and the lives of others, capturing the heart in all things; plant, animal, person, and even the sprawling buildings beyond. 

"These pictures clarify my existence for me.

They are all useless and are all equally valuable. 

They are fun!

They are pleasure.

A part of life that should be as intense, as aware, as dull as it can be made. "

- James T. Brooke, A Viewers Guide To Looking At Photographs

Please only contact for use of photos, commissions, or for freelance work. I do not work for exposure and I do not work for free.